2021 in Review

By Joce | Dec 29, 2021

Hello again and happy holidays!

Ever since I started my side hustle in 2020, I haven't had the mental energy to keep abreast of investing and financial news. As a result of that, I've also stopped updating this blog regularly. 

Well, I'm back for a short update and a year end review! Not much to say on the investing front, I started investing in crypto and made some good choices. LUNA is at an all time high (YAS) easily tripling my ROI. I also locked in some gains by selling Cloudflare during its November run up. 

Last year's frontrunners (Alibaba and Tencent) are languishing in the doldrums after China's tech crackdown šŸ˜¢ I'm holding these 2 stocks at a 30% paper loss to wait out the bottom. 

Reviewing my goals for 2021   

  1. āœ”ļøSave up and invest an additional $23,300 and āŒ grow portfolio value to $140k by end 2021
    I'm about 20k shy of this goal and choosing to fill my warchest until I see more optimism in the market 
  2. āŒ Clock a total of 200km of running
    Nope, nada, zilch. I'm so far from this goal. Maybe only 2km clocked in the whole year... 
  3. āœ”ļø Drive to any one corner of Singapore (eg. Punggol, Changi) and back home šŸ˜‚
    Yes! I'm so much more confident in my driving now. 
  4. āœ”ļø Continue with my crochet side business and stay profitable šŸ’°
    Doing good on this front! 
  5. šŸ˜ Continue blogging 
    Cough cough moving on...

In other life updates, I'm getting married next year! Another reason why I've struggled to find time to update this blog. Wedding preparation is in full swing and I'm planning to write a post about our wedding budgeting once this is done and dusted. I've always been quite handicraft focused, so I'm DIY-ing a few things for the wedding

  • my PWS/ROM dress
  • hand bouquet
  • photo table
  • car decorations
  • corsages

I'll share advice on where I got my materials, as well as how we (hopefully) kept to our 30k budget (honeymoon included). Also keeping my hopes up that we can travel in 2022 šŸ™

New goals for 2022!  
  1. Aim for $160k portfolio value by end 2022
  2. Publish at least 2 more crochet patterns
  3. Figure out if I want to get Critical Illness insurance
  4. Continue blogging 

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