A quick look at Shareable Asset

By Joce | Jun 14, 2020

Shareable Asset (SA) is an asset tokenization platform for real estate. Simply put, it allows investors to invest online in real estate via fractional ownership of real estate. The platform is MAS regulated and investing is done through a mobile app (iOS and Android) that is sleek and easy to use. Check out their main website here: 

The platform is free to download and use. Sign up with my referral link for free credits of 8 GBP for use in your first investment! 

This is not a sponsored post. After I signed up an account with Shareable Asset, I had many questions about the investment process that their FAQ page was not able to answer. I emailed the SA team with and they very kindly answered all my questions. Since they are agreeable to me publishing this information online, I decided to share them here.

Updated on 6 Aug 2020

I was just informed by the Shareable Asset team that to comply with MAS' content guidelines, they will need me to remove information that was previously shared in this post. Unfortunately this meant the bulk of the post 😅  

So if you have questions about Shareable Asset that you're not able to find on their website, please reach out to the team at for clarification.

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